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My roommate's dog, Hughbert, cannot be left alone unless we want to be evicted. I've been working with him but his progress has been coming along slowly. We can now stand on the porch without him crying inside. However, he still cries in the crate. I've been doing crate games with him to make it 'his' place, a place that it feels good to be in, etc. I'm unemployed right now so it's only a minor inconvenience but I'll be working soon so he needs to be able to be alone.

When Kaki got in the crate, he thought that the crate was where it's at! Like all the cool kids are doing it.
The question: Do you think it would help to have her in the crate with him when we leave? Do you think it's safe?
Kaki treats him like family. Loves him. Gets jazzed up when he comes back from camping trips. It's a large crate with more than enough room for both of them. So?
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