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We have an 11 week old Cavalier King Charles, We have only had him a week but have been following a fairly strict routine of cage - outside toilet - inside play - cage since last Friday.

This seems to be working, we get very few accidents in the house and he always goes when we take him outside.

However, we have confined him at this point to the kitchen, and we dont let him "play around" in the kitchen by himself if we are not there or if we are busy in that room. Is this the right way to do it?

You - that is an excellent use for a crate even when you dog becomes an adult. just make sure that you DO let him out to get used to the rest of the house - juast so long as you can keep an eye on him.

Another thing you can do while working in the kitchen - maybe while you are peparing the meal - is to close tether him to you. That's only for a short period until he learns to be around you and not be completely underfoot or in your way.

Basically, I want to know if we can allow our Puppy into the dining room/living room if we are sure he will not need to "go" (ie just after he has already been)

Many thanks
Yes if you keep a close eye on him. He is much too young to be completely housetrained and he is still prone to making "mistakes". At this point, he probably does know what he should do, but he may not have physically matured enough to do it. The idea of "errorless housetraining" is to prevent mistakes before they happen rather than correcting mistakes afterwards. If you do your housetraining correctly, most dogs are basically OK by about four months.
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