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Question about cooking ground meat(with bone)

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If the meat and bone is finely ground would I still be able to cook it and feed it to the dogs?
My guys wont eat raw unless its beef.I am trying to get them to eat rabbit, they go bonkers over it if its cooked but wont touch it raw.
I thought I would start by cooking it and slowly cook it less and less till they would eat it uncooked.
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Make a patty. I would mix a little garlic or garlic powder in it for palatability, and maybe even a tiny bit of salt.

Sear it in a very hot pan until just brown on the outside and raw in the middle.

This works for my guys who are slow to catch on. :D

I have also heard of mixing it with canned fish or cottage cheese for some dogs.
I wouldn't cook it

My puppy had some lamb and then refused to go back to chicken, well lamb is too expensive so he has to eat chicken. He held out and would not eat breakfast so I let him skip that meal. And when lunch time came he ate a few bites and then held out, and dinner came it was the same thing. By the time the next day came he was hungry so he's back to eating chicken. Point is, dogs won't let themselves starve and its no big deal if they miss eating for a day. One of my books--(Feed Your Dogs Raw Meaty Bones by Tom Lonsdale-i think) actually recommends fasting a day or two a week (not consecutive days), just feed more the next day. It says it mimics the wild. As long as they aren't puppies I wouldn't worry about them not eating for a day. I sprinkle parmesan cheese on the meat if my puppy is apprehensive about eating it-he seems to really like it.
I like the idea of searing it.I eventually dont want to have to grind it up, thats a big pain.
I would prefer them to eat it whole.I raise the rabbits myself so I have to do all the butchering as it is.
BUT I cant fast two of my dogs, well actually three.One is taking sterioids and needs food to take the meds.The other two are italian greyhounds and have high metabolisms.I dont feel comfortable not feeding them for a day or two, its all I can do to keep meat on their bones as it is.
I dont do raw completely either.Cant afford it this year(not working right now) so they have kibble as well.Its more of a raw/partially cooked twice a week for now.Not perfect but better then nothing.Hoping by next year to raise my own chickens as well as the rabbits.
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