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If a food does not agree with a dog, do the problems start immediately? I started Duke on Fromm wild bird two days ago and now have to feed 100% due to recall of totw.
He was at the vet yesterday and got shots (his first rabies as well as others) He slept a lot yesterday and last night around 9:45 PM he threw up.(He ate around 6) He ate 1/2 cup of food at lunch and again at dinner ( a mix of totw and fromm wild bird) Not sure why he threw up, but this morning he has been biting at his feet and back more than I've ever seen him do that before (he's only 4 months old, today) and still doesn't have much of an appetite this morning. He's usually not a big eater in the morning, but I thought after throwing up what looked like most everything last night he would be hungrier today. I'm trying to figure this out as it could be a reaction to the new the food or a reaction from the shots. Please share your opinions with me? Should I have already seen signs of the food not agreeing with him?

I plan to contact the vet later today, but was hoping for some words of wisdom from you all :)
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Good point, Willowy, although the last set of vaccines did not affect him like this.
He has been lifting the leg where he got his shots as if he needs to scratch. I wonder if that means it hurts him.
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