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Pure Balance

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Pure Balance puppy food

We have a new puppy in the house from a rescue and the breed is unknown, we are waiting for the DNA tests. The shelter thinks he may have some German Shepard mixed with a smaller breed, possibly Beagle, (he has the howl). We adopted him at 8 weeks old and 10 lbs. He is now 10 weeks and at least a couple of lbs or more heavier. He is very active and playfully aggressive. He has been eating Pure Balance puppy dry kibble food from Walmart for two weeks with no issues and likes it. He did however throw up for the first time in the middle of the night which we will monitor and tell our vet. He has some dry skin or dandruff in his coat now too. My question is can I continue with this puppy food, it is priced lower than a lot or is it poorly rated?
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Pure Balance is a pretty decent food. However, the best, highest rated food isn't a "good" food for your dog if the dog doesn't do well on it.
I feed Kinetic 26, which is a grain free food without any of the ingredients (legumes, peas, lentils,etc) that are a possible link to DCM , Victor multi pro and Eagle Pack canned.
When my youngest was a puppy, she refused to eat puppy food. My vet said as long as I'm feeding a quality food, she doesn't need puppy food.

I would check with your vet with the dry skin. It could be any number of things, food related,environmental allergies, parasites, etc.
Thank you, the dandruff didn't last long and doc gave some Omega 3 drops to add to food. He actually likes the food itself. Doc likes the way he is growing and he gained a healthy 4lbs in two weeks. He has regular healthy poops, lol. Doc says he hates to fix what's not broken. I did order Eukenuba puppy food too. I will look into the food you mentioned here. I wanted to stay away from grain free because of the possible DCM, but there are still a lot of unknowns.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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