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Puppy's first foods

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Hi all,
Ok for those who don't us on here; We have 10 healthy puppies that are now 5 weeks old they're Argentina Dogo cross with StaffordshirreTerrier. 8 of the puppies have been with the mother, for extenuating circumstances we have 2 of the babies with us away from the mom, they have been hand bottle-fed since birth since they started needing more and more formula at each feeding, I figured it was time to start feeding them solid food, so a few days ago I started feeding them some wet food, and just a small bottle of formula with each meal, along with a bit of water still in a baby bottle so they aren't drowning in it. While it will be near impossible to regulate the amount of food intake with the babies that are still with the mother, the two we have with us will be easy to regulate; so here's my question;
Is there a chart for feeding amounts? like ounces of food per pound? / per feeding? etc.
trying not to overfeed them and cause any problems internally.
Thanks in advance all!
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If I recall correctly from the other post, the mom isn't nursing the two pups so @Baby bee's pups stepped in to bottle feed them.

Off topic: @Baby bee's pups I know you mentioned thinking about breeding (with a different breed), but with your current experience, you might want to consider volunteering as a foster mom. Shelters and rescues are always in desperate need for someone to take in a pregnant dog or a litter of adandoned pups. Just thought of that as I responded to this thread and thought I'd throw it out there.
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