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I am hoping for some insight.

My puppy (10months, female lab) is very social,friendly, loyal, smart, loving,gentle, very timid and calm.
I heard her growl/bark only twice - once when gas was leaking in the kitchen and once on our first day when a bigger child was chasing after my 6yr old daughter.

Last month I left my highly abusive husband and while I know he wasnt treating her the best, she seemed to like him (she however has hidden behind me before; he has tricked her into getting shocked by her electric shock collar but never yelled,kicked or hit her to my knowledge. )
I would have stated she loved him.

Yet, after returning from various domestic abuse shelters (I had put her in a puppy spa), she suddenly barks and growls at (only) men, the hair on her neck goes way up.
I dont recognize my own dog once she is exposed to a man, her behavior scares me.

Out of the blue she will bark and growl inside my home, staring toward the door my husband would use to get into the house.

Is she alerting me of his presence/telling me he was in the home?

I am not sure what to make of it all and would be very appreciative of somebody has some advice for me.
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