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Our new dog Murphy has a really big play biting problem. We expected him to grow out of it but he's 9 months now and there's no end in sight. You can't pet him for more than 5 seconds without him going after your hands. Whenever we walk down the hallway he goes after our legs. We've tried everything, like redirects his attention with good things to chew on, but he is way more interested in hands. I've tried to turn around and ignore him so he gets bored, but he retaliates with biting my legs and bottom HARD. We've tried basically everything that dog blogs recommend, but none of them have worked. He's not an aggressive dog, he's a good boy and he's SMART, but I'm at my whit's end with the biting. I'm really afraid that if there isn't any improvement soon we might have to think of rehoming him. Are there any suggestions on what to do?
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