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I just got a pug puppy 2 weeks ago and he is just under 12 weeks old. He is a lovely little pup but I'm having some trouble with him biting. He tries to bite faces, hands, feet etc whenever he can and doesn't respond to any of the methods we've tried so far which are whimpering like a dog and becoming limp (this makes him go for us even more), saying 'NO' in a stern voice whilst clapping, putting a chew toy in his mouth then walking away/ignoring him and moving him off of us and holding him on the floor until he calms down. It also isn't a playful nip anymore, he is biting as hard as he can.

He also has a real problem with being left on his own to the point that I can't go to the toilet and shut the door on him without him getting distressed. Thankfully he is fine when I go to work as I give him a kong filled with treats which occupies him whilst I leave but if he knows I'm in the house, he cries and cries until I come back. I've tried leaving him with puzzle toys but this doesn't help either. He also seems to have toilet accidents when I'm out of sight if he is distressed (even if I've been gone 2 minutes) even when he has just been outside and relieved himself.

I know he is only a puppy and he must get scared when I'm not around, but it's hard as I don't want to bring him upstairs with me when I'm getting changed and I'm on my own as we are still toilet training him and I don't want him to get into the habit of coming into the toilet with me either.

Just looking for some advice from some experienced dog owners, he is my first puppy and so far all advice I've found on google doesn't help!! Thank you :)
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