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Hello all! I'm honestly at my wits end potty training my puppy. She is 3 1/2 months old and has suddenly taken a huge step back in potty training that I can't seem to fix.
When I first got her, she was 8 weeks old and was staying in my bathroom while I went to school (I was never gone more than 3 hours) until she was old enough to stay in her crate for that time. She is amazingly smart and has picked up on all the training I have done with her. She loves her crate, leash training is getting there and she knows all the basic commands. But potty training was something that wasn't perfectly consistent in the beginning. Since I'm out of school, I have all my time to focus on her, but what progress I have made in potty training has disappeared.

We follow a schedule everyday, which should help in the potty training. She goes out immediately after waking up, then she eats and goes out again. We play/go for a walk/socialize for an hour, go out once more and then she spends a couple hours in her crate. This schedule repeats throughout the day until it's bedtime. There isn't a moment where she isn't under my eye or in her crate, yet she's consistently having multiple accidents during the day (luckily, not in her crate).

First, she wont ask to go out anymore, which she had started to do really well. This wouldn't be too big of a problem since I can watch her really well, but she doesn't really show signs she's going to pee. I wish I was kidding when I say I've seen her just start peeing without sniffing, circling, whining or agitation first. I give her a firm no when she pees inside in front of me, and I've started tethering her to me so that she can't wander off and pee in the 2 seconds i stop focusing on her.

Second, she simply won't pee outside. I understand that you have to be patient, but I'm getting a bit frustrated when I take her out for 30 minutes after she hasn't peed for a couple hours but drank a decent amount of water, then give up so she goes in her crate for 10 minutes before I repeat at least one more time before she actually pees (or if I'm unlucky, she will pee the second we get inside, so frustrating!). I keep her on a leash outside so she can't get into anything interesting and make sure to play with her only after she's done her business so she knows peeing gets her rewards. She also gets a lot of high value treats for peeing outside.

I have read so much online and I don't know what to do if she seems to only have backpedaled in this process. I make sure to clean all her pee spots with enzymatic cleaner each time so she doesn't have a motivation to pee inside as much but nothing seems to be working for me. I just want to see some progress, some hope that she will be potty trained one day.
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