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Hello, I'm the new mama to a beautiful 3 month old German Shepard mix girl (Daisy Duck is her name) that my husband and I adopted from a local shelter.

I'm a bit concerned in my Daisy's lack of enthusiasm to eat or drink. The day we brought her home (the day after she was spayed), she ate and drank well. She had an accident in the house, and since I'm pregnant, I had my husband pick it up, and reminded him we seen to check out her stool everyday since she was dewormed about two weeks ago at shelter to check for any worms. He thought he seen some little, tiny stringy worms in it, and I couldn't tell if it was fur or worms, so we took in a stool sample to the vet just to be safe. Turns out, she has hookworm, and we were given Panacur to give to her over the course of three days, then again in three weeks.

I gave her the last dose of it yesterday, and it seems like ever since I've been giving her the Panacur, her appetite has diminished A LOT (Comparing to her first day here). After the first day of it, I noticed she was eating grass and turned her nose up at her kibble, so I made her some plain white rice and ground beef, which she gobbled up. But ever since then, she barely touches food or water. I was going to take her to the vet yesterday for this issue, but just as I was going to call them, she proceeded to eat some of her rice/meat mix (not much), knocked my chicken nuggets down and ate those, then took some big huge gulps of water. She ate a tiny bit more yesterday (a couple baby carrots, some more of her meat and rice mix (mostly just the meat), an ice cube, applesauce with her medicine, got into the kitty's wet food, and her good-girl treats) and drank a little bit more after a little walk down the street.

Now...I don't know if she's being picky or if there is something generally wrong with her or if I'm just being overprotective. In my experience, dogs are constantly gulping down water and eating everything in sight. Especially puppies. What's worrying me is the lack of water...I tried that dehydration check with her gums, and they turn back to pink in a second, the same with pinching the skin along her spine and it snapping back into place instantly. But, it seems like she drinks so little. She always has a full bowl of clean, fresh water. We don't let her into the bathroom, so I know she's not drinking out of the toilet.

She does NOT have vomiting or diarrhea, and when she's not sleeping, she acts like a normal, playful, loving puppy. She sleeps A LOT, by the way. It's nice. for me, being five months pregnant, I have a nap buddy now =)

Can anyone give me any insight? Is this how puppies act after being spayed? Does Panacur make them act funny? Am I expecting too much of my little pup and being overprotective?

Thank you. =)
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