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I am posting about the brother of the dog you see in the picture, Bleeker. They were 5 months old last Friday (11-1). He weighs in at about 10lbs and is a black Chi mix. Not sure what the mix is. Up until now he has been extremely active, and believe it or not he howls.....so I'm thinking some where in his ancient history is hound dog.....but I can't imagine where it came to be.

When I visit, my dog, his sister, and he are constant tornados of play. It's just non-stop.

Now for the problem. Yesterday, while he was napping, that in itself is unusual, he suddenly let out a cry of pain. When I checked him out, it was his rt hip muscle area. When he jumped off the sofa(through no encourage me) he dragged the leg for 10 minutes then began using it. I figured muscle cramp and let it go.

This repeated with the left leg about 1hr later. He was very quiet and very touch in the hip muscle region all afternoon/evening with very little exercise. He's had no injury I'm aware of and I watch them very closely. This is continuing this morning.

My daughter in law has returned and will be taking him to the vet today, but I would like your take on it. I have a theory that it might be just growing pains. I know they are real in humans, my son suffered from them. He is also in full blown puberty right now and that is when the body goes through a lot of major changes.

Any input would be appreciated.

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