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Puppy whinning

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Hello we have a 3 month old gsd. He is very smart and beautiful. I had a question if anybody could help with any advice I would appreciate it so much. My puppy whines really loud and tries to jump up over the gate. We basically have turned the living room which is pretty big into a play pen where we can watch him better. He does this while we are in the pen with him so it's not because he wants to be with us. I also make sure he does not have to potty (which he is doing excellent at potty training) I don't want him to whine and get attention good or bad how do I stop this?? Any ideas?? Thanks
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Whining is an indication of stress. Sourcing the stress from the dog's point of view can sometimes be difficult. Think about what is going on when he whines and try to eliminate thst stressor or redirect him. Whining can become habitual and it can be very hard to extinguish.

Redirect him to a toy or get his attention doing a little clicker training for fun (like 101 things to do with a box).
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