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I just got a puppy less than a week ago. She's "my" first puppy, since I've only had my own house for about a year. My parents' current dog was a puppy when I was in college, so while I was around some of the time, I was living on campus. He is also the puppy of my sister's dog so her scent was everywhere and his parents and she and her family were still around frequently. Before that, we got our puppy when I was 7. I want to say she was a little older than 8 weeks, but still a puppy. I obviously don't remember a lot and it wasn't my reapinsibility anyway. But now this 8 week old baby (corgi/beagle mix) whines like crazy every night! I have her sleeping alone in a room since my fiance has allergies and she's still unfamiliar with the cats and we want to contain accidents as much as possible (which is surprisingly not a huge problem overnight). I have to go in and sit with her for a long time and then slowly back out of the room, usually for her to be woken up by my standing, the turning of the knob, shutting the door, etc. I've been playing music for her that seems to help get her to sleep initially but not stay asleep when I leave. She has a toy and a box with pillows and a blanket. She has a puppy pad, which she's only had to use once. Once I FINALLY leave, she usually sleeps for 3 hours max. That would be alright if it was bathroom time, but I take her out and in 5 days she's gone once. Then she wants to sit up for an hour or more. I'm tired! I've been doing my best to tire her out too, but even when she seems exhausted (she did a TON of walking today and was falling asleep all over the place afterwards), she sleeps when we get home, and still being early spring, we're losing warmth and daylight way too early. She is usually tuckered out before 8 and comes home to sleep til 10. I tried to keep waking her up tonight but it didn't go well. She would get up for a second and flop right back down. I know she probably misses her mom and sister and old human family, but she's driving me nuts at night. If this isn't under control when this lockdown is over, I don't know how I'll function at work with so little sleep. Also being out of work, money is tight and I'm not supposed to be at the stores just for dog supplies. I ordered her an actual bed, which I really don't think will make much of a difference, but I don't want to order a clock online without hearing it and those sleeping stuffed pals are way too expensive.
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