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Our male Maltese Koda will be 4 months old tomorrow. In the last 2 weeks I've noticed a trend... We don't leave him often because I run my business out of my home, but when we do go out as a family (to the movies or something about once a week) we will come home and notice that he vomits... I also leave once a day just to get out of the house. I'll be gone for about 2 hours and he hardly ever vomits during this time. He sleeps in a carpeted hallway between all of our bedrooms and he has been vomiting almost every night.

I have the iPhone and I use my laptop connected to the iPhone "iCam" application to watch him when we leave him. He whines for no more than 5 minutes... scratching at the door and then he calms down. He does the same thing outside our door at night. He will whine and scratch for only about 2 minutes and then he's ok... but we wake up in the morning and see vomit.

His stools are fine... he's active, happy and doesn't seem sick. His food is out all day but he doesn't eat much... a handful a day (Eukanuba/Puppy/Toy). Small amount of treats daily.

Another note: We never use words like "Bye" or "Goodnight" to associate us with leaving and we never sneak out and trick him. He sees us getting our coat on. We tell him to "Sit" and "Stay" and then we go outside the door and leave (or inside the bedroom and go to bed).
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