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My puppy Coco (australian blue heeler) eats very well but right after she will just throw it all up. It will be the food chewed up a little with a very stick saliva (kind of foamy looking). I took here to a vet but he recommended that I take her a specialist to look at her.

The main question I have what could be causing her to do this. She is gaining a little weight. She is very active and has normal bowel movements.

Thanks for any responses.
Our 5 month old puppy is at the vet right now for a similar reason. After taking an x-Ray of his abdomen it appears that he has eaten a few of the kids toys. He is probably going to have surgery.... My understanding is that "vomiting" can come from a wide range of reasons. I am curious as to what did your vet do (x-ray etc..) before recommending going to a specialist?

Hope you'll get this issue resolve and that your pup feels better soon.

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