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Puppy Vaccine - Very sore

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Me yet again. I swear I'll get over this OMG puppy stage....

BUT - I took my puppy (10wks) to get vaccine's this morning (DHPP/Lepto)... This is the second round. The first round (and every other shot he's had) went well. No pain, nothing. A little bleeding but no pain at the injection site or sleeping.

However, today.... the first few hours he was fine. Then at lunch, I was holding him and he yelped quickly and small. I didn't think much of it because he was being squirmy. Then, again, my mother was holding him later and another yelp. And finally, another lady in the office picked him up and he immediately let out a blood curdling yelp. Since then he's slept non-stop. A few minutes ago I also noticed swelling of his leg/shoulder.

The only thing I can think is that he's sore from the injection - but this would be the absolute first time any of my dogs have had any injection site soreness.

He's not experiencing any other symptoms other than not wanting to be picked up and really really sleepy. He's eating okay, when he's awake but just really lethargic. Is this normal? Like I said, all other times he's gotten a shot he's been fine. He's had 2 BM's since the vaccine.

As a side note: we didn't see a vet this morning. We saw a vet tech as it's his second followup visit and it was routine shots/fecal exam.

Am I just being a helicopter mom?
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Swelling, soreness, and sleepiness is normal. My dog actually laid down on the floor at the vets office he got so sleepy after the Lepto shot. Totally unlike him in a new place. He's usually try to get to everything/everyone. He's an adult. I imagine it is a little worse for puppies. We had agility class about 5 hours after the visit, and it was like he was dragging a load of bricks. The vet had warned me it might be that way after that round of vaccinations, and to just keep an eye on him and not push him at class.

If you're worried, I'm sure your vet wouldn't mind you giving her/him a call to discuss.
I have a call in to the vet. I was just concerned because he's normally a super friendly and energetic pup that NEVER yelps for anything. Even when he fell off the bed at 5 weeks old.

I wasn't sure about the Lepto vaccine at all, especially because of his age; but everyone kept telling me at the vet that if I was going to get him near our local lake that I needed to vaccinate him. And because I do intend to have him in the lake eventually once I can take him out places (and because he seems to LOVE drinking every little tiny bit of water off the ground he can find) I decided to get it.

I've just never had a dog that had swelling and soreness before with a shot. Or if they did I guess I didn't notice it.... He's still eating/drinking/BMing fine which is the only reason I'm not rushing him to the vet (again). Is there any way to help with the soreness? Icepack (if he won't eat it)?

Thankfully, he doesn't have a class until Tuesday. Until then I'll just take it easy and we won't do a lot of strenuous play.
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I imagine it feels just like what happens when you get a shot. Sore for a day or so, then goes away on its own. And everyone has their own pain tolerance levels, and it effects everyone differently. I suppose you could ice it if the pup will stay put.

Yeah, I had never heard of Lepto either, but there's been enough cases in my area to be concerning, and my dog likes to eat wild animals' poop and lick gross puddles, so I just decided to get it. But that one seemed to do him in. I've never seen him lay down on the ground before after a vaccination.

My vet always told me to expect a bit of lethargy, a little swelling, and soreness at the injection site, but come in at once if the dog has trouble breathing or airways start to swell up. If the actual injection site starts to absolutely balloon, I imagine that would indicate a reaction as well.
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Sorry he doesn't feel well. Every time my Molly gets shots, and it was true this last week for her year booster and three year rabies, sure enough after she ate dinner she threw it up. Shots just don't sit well with her. Hopeful yours will be better fast.
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