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Puppy uninterested during training!

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I have a 14 week old Brittany dog that doesnt really show any interest/enthusiasm during his short training sessions.These are done while the rest of the family are absent so as not to distract him.After a couple of succesful commands and treats he loses interest and i feel i really have show him the treats before hell respond.Hes very enthusiastic during playtime although i am trying to calm the biting down which is working.
This is the first time I have trained a dog(using the clicker) .He is almost house trained which is great.
Any advice would be very much appreciated.
Thanks Tony......
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At this age, playtraining can be much more effective than the straighforward, formal approach. Lots of games/play after a sit or a down. Intersperse with treats, praise, petting. Use every trick in the book...run away...play chase....suddenly halt and ask for sit then, start again....throw a treat across the floor, let him pounce on it/eat it and then ask for a down.
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