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Puppy tricks/ dog tricks

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I've ran out of tricks to teach my dogs.
They know.
- sit
- lay down
- high five
- turn around
- catch (throwing treat and them catching it)
- give paw
- up
- down
- touch (working on target touch)

I can look up how to do them i just need help remembering what tricks you can teach them. lol
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"Go to bed" or a place command.
"Stay"- stay from a distance and lengthy (time) stay. Stay with major
there's a training thing called "101 things to do with a box"
Teach them to retrieve specific toys or objects by name
"Crawl" (the belly wiggle across the floor)
"Speak"- bark on command
"Whisper" - bark softly
Heel both on and off leash

Set up a little rally course inside or simple agility course outside.
Spin & twirl - spin clockwise or counter clockwise
Weave - walking a figure eight between handlers legs
Finish - walk around behind handler and sit in a heel position
Bang or play dead
Over, back, roll over - over on side, roll onto back and a full roll over
Left and right for shake a paw
Bring me " " - put a name to different toys and ask them to retrieve it
Put away/clean up - put your toys or a named toy away in their toy box
Back - back up
Leave it
Drop it
Ashamed - cover face with paw
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I taught a fun one with toys. I used the word " Pokey " and Abbylynn would and will find a squeak toy and poke it with her nose a million times! Lol! :)

( If you can handle the noise that is! )
Turn right
Turn Left
Speak - One, Two, Three times
Up on an object; Down off the object
Wag your tail
Shake your body
Nudge an object with nose
Touch an object with paw (then, Right Or Left)
All tricks with Voice or Hand signal
If the dogs are over two years old, teach the dogs to react to pointing and to where you are looking
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Some of my current favs with my dog:

look around - he turns his head/looks left then right, like a kid before crossing the street
back stall - I crouch (and say "get up") and he jumps on my back
bow - like play bow or stretching
circle - walks in a circle around me
beg - aka "sit pretty", sits with front paws in the air

Good luck :)
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