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Puppy Trent - Too Good to be True?

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Well, Trent turned 9 weeks old on Friday, and I couldn't be a happier person. I am just completely in love with him, and think I have gotten the perfect dog. He is just amazing!!

Already he has a very good "sit" and "down", and beginning to learn "focus". He follows at my heels everywhere I go, and loves attention. When I am napping, he will crawl up and sleep next to me, with his nose inches from mine. He is still a bit nippy, but it is obvious that he is applying less pressure in his bites. When he does something wrong a sharp "No!" will have him down on the floor, head on his paws, and eyes shooting guilt rays into me. He is also completely potty trained, and holding it throughout the night. He also will always finish up his entire bowl of food, and then go to his designated "potty spot" to do his business.

He is definitely showing his puppy energy now, too. He loves to chase a chunk of ice across the kitchen floor, and enjoys running after me around the nearby field. He never seems to get tired, but seems to like being inside rather than outside playing. When I say "Let's go home", he immediately perks up and trots on ahead of me towards our house, tail wagging. When we get to the front door, he always sits down on his own before I open the door for him. His intelligence never fails to impress me.

Though I've done my research and made sure to know what I was getting myself into, I brought him home fully expecting the first few weeks to be demanding, exhausting, and a bit frustrating, although very rewarding. But nope, he is really the most fantastic puppy ever, and I was so surprised with his behavior. Is it really this easy?

Oh, and great news... his ear stood up! The cute ear went straight up on Thursday, and hasn't shown signs of flopping since. We got so excited over that.

I swear, he's too good to be true.

Crazy puppy...

Back when he was but a floppy eared pup, on a rare sunny day

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What a cutie! I'm glad it's been going so well. Keep your fingers crossed that it continues that way. LOL!
He is so adorable! Glad to hear that everything is going so great with him :D
These days with my first GSD puppy were some of the very best in my life! Your little Trent sounds like a dream puppy.

I want another! :(
So cute! I love him!
What a cutie pie!
(These puppy pics are killing me... I have the fever.)
He's really, really cute. It makes me miss having a puppy around.

I like watching him grow up. :)
Oh, he is BEAUTIFUL!!! I went through exactly the same experience with my boys who are now 5 months old (so I know it will probably start to get hard during puppy adolescence). They were a dream from day 1... and it's only gotten better. So, I can assure you that the next few months at least could very well be puppy heaven for you! Enjoy having such a sweet, smart puppy!!
Thanks so much everyone! He really is the puppy of my dreams. He's making it so much easier than I had expected. Today, he has finally learned "Go potty". When we take him outside, we give him the command, and he goes. This makes it easier on us.

Julia, I am so glad to hear that! I was sure that with my luck, things are bound to go downhill soon... so far, so good! He's also doing great with meeting young kids and elderly people. We then took him to the vet today, weighed in at 15.6 lbs, and was fantastic while the vet took his temperature and when I asked him to "sit" on the scale.

Even my mom commented that this is so much easier than she expected. I think he gets prettier and bigger each day. I'll definitely post pictures of him as he grows up!
AWWW!! He's adorable :). It's always good to expect the worse.Hopefully it's not just a honey moon. So glad to hear you and him are doing so well :D he sure is quite the looker! Good luck hope to hear alot about him :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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