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Puppy training

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Hello, I am getting a female english springer puppy soon. I wonder what would be the best schedule to set for the pup as it gets older since I have time to be with it all day long. I also would like to know what is the best puppy food / treats + how much per day for the food. Thanks!
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I'm not sure what you mean by schedule when the dog is older. I'm retired and home all day, and the dogs and I just kind of do stuff when we need/want to. With a puppy you do need to feed several times a day, so those I would keep on a definite schedule.

As to food, I've always kept my puppies on what the breeder was feeding after I got them. In fact the breeders always sent the puppy off with a few meals' worth of that food. Unless you can't find that food where you are, I'd start with that. The breeder may also be able to tell you how much food to start with, but if they are feeding the whole litter together and aren't sure, start with the package recommendation and pay attention to the puppy's weight - thinner, up it a bit; fatter, reduce a bit. Recommendations are only that, not anything written in stone. Expect that with a growing puppy, you're going to have to increase quantity every so often.

If you think the breeder is fudging on quality because of cost, use the same food for a week or two while researching better quality foods. If your puppy is motivated by pieces of its regular food, you can use that for treats. If not, small commercial treats and/or bits of meat or cheese in moderation can work well.
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