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Puppy Training Routine? Know of Any?

I did not have a training routine for the last dog that I owned. I usually did training whenever I felt necessary. I just adopted a puppy the other day and I'm looking for a type of routine to have him well trained. He is only 9 weeks old and I currently have a system for crate training.

I first lure him into the crate with a treat and put a toy that he ONLY gets when inside the crate. I then slowly close the door behind him while he is kept busy. He whined for about half an hour the first night, but I didn't let him out or acknowledge him at all. Every 4 hours I first wait until he is quiet then take him out of the crate and carry him to his potty spot. I then put him back in his crate and go back to sleep, awaiting the next potty trip.

Is this a good routine? Anyone have any other suggestions?

That is the routine I have for crate training, but I'm still looking for the best ways to teach him basic commands. If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate feedback.

I forgot to note that he is a Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier Mix, his name is Dean.
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