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Puppy Training at a Standstill

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My roommate got a Sheltie puppy back in October 2019. She is currently 9 months old and has very little leash training, is spotty with come command, and steals things left within reach. The puppy is stubborn with training and doesn't like to follow a lure. It makes my roommate very frustrated. The puppy has bonded strongly with my dog. She follows my dog everywhere and has begun herding her when walking together and makes it a point to be at my dog's side. This causes problems because my dog is well trained and has to break leash rules because the puppy gets in the way. I have also bonded with the puppy more than my roommate because I feed her when I feed my dog and play with her more making her even less interested in my roommate.

The fact that she has bonded with my dog and myself and my roommate's lack of patients is causing major set backs in her development. What should I do?
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Suggest you to not walk, play, train or feed the dog.

Your roommate should be handling these care taking responsibilities.

Apparently, the dog is not motivated by a lure. Suggest your roommate try a food or toy or pet as a reward.

Patience is taught by a dog. The roomy needs to remember a dog has similar cognitive ability as a 2-3 year old child.

Stay firm on your dog's training and skills.
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