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We have a collie - lab cross. We’re not 100% sure on age but we think she’s between 16-18 weeks now.

she did really well with toilet training and we got to the point of almost no accidents apart from When she was over excited. The last week she reverted to peeing all over the house- not just by the back door-all floors, bed, sofa. It’s odd as she had never peed on the sofa or bed before even when we first got her!

we’ve ruled out medical reasons I think as she sleeps through the night in her crate from around 10.30 through to 7am without any accidents.

anyone Got any advice or tips on how to get her back on track with peeing outside?

many thanks!

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At this age she is not REALLY house broken.

First thing is she loses her freedom. In the crate or with you and you are watching her. She comes out of the crate and goes straight outside. Pees and/or poops you praise her and give her a bit of the best food on earth. Roast beef if necessary. She comes in and she is with you. You get her out frequently. She is NEVER out of your sight. If you cannot watch her she is in her crate. Period.

You also need to clean up every where she has gone to the bathroom with an enzyme cleaner. REALLY clean the spots as your object is to eliminate the smell. Dogs have amazing noses. A dog can follow a track that is 3 days old or a track that has been trampled by people.. they can find a spot of pee that has not been completely and thoroughly cleaned up.

Never ever ever yell or punish when you catch her peeing in the house. Of course, if you are diligent she never will get the chance to pee in the house... but in case YOU slip up. Just CALMLY interrupt and get her out. Praise and good food when she finishes up outside.

Getting a dog to be reliably house trained is a process. It takes MONTHS. I would say a dog is not reliable about house breaking until well after a year old.

Accidents in the house are your fault (I know that sounds harsh but it is true!). I am on about my 8th dog and the last three NEVER had an accident in the house. I watched them all the time and got them out. These were dogs that arrived here at 8 weeks old. Two were female and one is male.

It is a process. Your job is to be diligent and use that crate and get the dog out a LOT. Every success of peeing and or pooping outside reinforces that this is where the dog goes to the bathroom. Every back slide of peeing or pooping in the house reinforces going to the bathroom in the house. Your job is to make sure the dog is successful.
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