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Hi, my family recently brought home a Kelpie x German Shepherd x Bull Mastiff a few weeks ago. Her name is Charlie and she is now 12 weeks old.
She’s super smart, super sweet, super gentle and has done GREAT with almost all aspects of socialising.
She’s already had her first vaccination, with her second coming up soon, and the vet said taking her out in public is fine as long as she doesn’t interact with other dogs or dog poo.
As I said, she’s perfect with everything she meets -toddlers are a little intimidating but she’s getting happier to see them day by day. The one issue we have is if she hears or sees another dog....
It started at the beach.
We’d checked the coast was clear and if there was a dog we simply told the owner she’s hadn’t had all her shots yet and they’d happily move their dog away. Until we met an elderly lady who insisted her older dog was healthy and fine.
Don’t get me wrong, her beagle was super friendly but our puppy didnt understand this. Her tail went between her legs and she peed on herself while we warned the lady she can’t meet other dogs.
We left quickly, before the two dogs had the chance to make a nose boop, and Charlie soon settled again. Ever since then though, whenever she sees a dog or hears a dog her hair stands up and she runs the other way (on lead).
She’ll be starting puppy school at 14 weeks (recommended by the vet) but we’ve also organised a puppy play date this week with a friend who is a dog behaviouralist that runs a Pet Motel. Where she’ll be introduced to puppies that are similar in weight to her, instead of age.
It’ll be good for her socialising but I’m worried about how she’ll react to the other puppies.
Could her fear of adult dogs be directed to the puppies too?

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