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Here's what I have so far in preparation of the incoming pup in August! I'm not sure if it's everything I will need...

Bully sticks (Not sure on this one, I can't find anything on 8 week old pup safety)
Martingale collar
6 ft leash
Puppy food (to be eventually mixed with the bag his breeder is providing)
Giant wee pads
Training treats
Kong puppy original
Pee cleanup spray
Combo brush for his long floofy fur
Lifestages dog crate with a divider for growth
A clicker
Potty doorbells
treat pouch
A kong goodie bone rope toy

Things I already have:
Nail clippers
Poo bags

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No pee pads here, and just a regular collar. And baby gates to slowly introduce your pup to the whole house and so you can keep the pup in the same room as you at all times to prevent accidents/stuff being destroyed.

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Nix the puppy food and feed an "all life stages" food. Puppy food is often too caloric and too high in protein causing growth to be too fast. When that happens your puppy can suffer from "Pano" (Panosteitis) or an inflammation of the long bones at the growth plate.

The rest looks good. I used puppy pads in the crate until the puppy decided they were great chew toys. In his big kennel I used a rabbit pan with wood shavings in it when I was at work. He pee'd and pooped in the rabbit pan in the shavings.

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30 foot training leash which allows training recall, and doubles as a stress reliever when reading in the backyard. Also a booster seat for the car so puppy can both see out and lie down in a comfortable position in the car.
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