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We are experimenting with our (now 12wk) Aussie pup's schedule to figure out what works best for him, and we were curious how everyone sets their schedule after they get home from work?

Usually I get home first around 4, and let him out and we play around for abit (after having been in his crate for 4hrs since lunch). Then we take a big walk around 5, get home and put him in the kitchen for his dinner while we do our own stuff for a bit, and he usually takes a nap. When he's up around 630 or 7, we get him back out and play/train him for awhile, pull his water up around 8, and take him for another (shorter) walk before bed, then 30min to wind down, and bed around 10:30.

That second walk before bed is new, and seems to make him wake up in the middle of the night (at least, before we did it, he'd sleep till 430am straight), so we are thinking of taking it out, and just playing with him around the house more?

curious what everyone else does...
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