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Max didn't like men until he went deaf. Those same men were best friends after that. For him it must have been the timbre of their voices. While they all liked animals and had pets they did not understand them so would get down low, use a gruff voice and stare at him telling him they were nice and he needed to be quiet. Yes I told them constantly and kept Max away. Since they acted the same way when he was deaf it had to be the voice but that manner can upset dogs as well. When he barked and the man simply looked at your pup that was scary since Digby was already reacting.

Max's barking as fearful and fear will turn into snapping and worse if dog is pushed so don't try to 'flood' puppy by keeping him in a place he has to settle down. Move him where he is comfortable and move him closer from that point. This is huge, it's giving him a breather to calm down rather then have to do it in the face of extreme fear. I put the noisy beast crated in another room and listen for the change in voice that means he wants to see rather than monster is going to eat me. I'm sure you've heard the bratty dog that wants out NOW and you wait until he's settled? Wait for that tone of voice.

Put dog on leash and arm yourself with loads of tiny delicious treats. Advance feeding constantly and retreat if you move forward too quickly and he reacts by barking. Using his words [sit, down, come, stay] to make this an obedience lesson helps too. I allowed Max to sniff legs and fingers but scary person cannot turn and look at him and giving treats was too much for him. Likely be fine for your pup as he has successfully met new people. If puppy can happily greet people and eat treats and show off his awesome ability to sit on cue in the room with scary person then you are doing a great job.

Scary people can be fun Max found. One scary person would drop yummies on the floor. Another went for the best walks. Another figured out a great game that didn't include touching. They still couldn't look at or touch him though. A kibble hunt might help. Start off the game yourself by rolling kibble away from you so pup gets to chase and eat it then have other people do the same. Dog doesn't have to approach scary person, scary person doesn't have to look at dog. If that goes well make it better, ask pup to sit before kibble is rolled - you first then friends then scary person as before.

Oh, if scary person changes appearance by standing up or turning he is a whole new person. Max once peed on the floor when a person he actually liked stood up after being seated when he came into the room. So shovel treats and be prepared to move away if that scary person needs to move. I'd assume putting on or taking off hats and jackets would elicit the same sort of reaction.

For more look at the reactive dog sticky thread at the top of this forum. If you have a method of dealing with it then when it comes up again pup will know he can trust you to keep him safe.
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