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Great News!!! When we adopted Peanut from a shelter on March 7th they advised us that she had kennel cough and was on meds. We brought her home, continued antibiotics. By the evening of the 9th She woke in the night coughing badly and seemed to have croup or asthma as in a child. The next day I brought her to the shelter hospital. The chest xray was clear but she hadn't eaten or drank since the night before, so they admitted her to give her antibiotics thru IV. She got worse over the next two days so they did another xray...pnemonia. They switched her meds and two days later she was looking and feeling better. Eating and all! She came home will us on March 18th. A very long 11 days. We thought we should consider adopting another dog. She is on oral antibiotics at home and hasn't stopped running and playing since! There is hope for all in this situation! Good luck if you need it!
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