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Hey so layla (pom pup) got her last injection last night. A few seconds after the needle was removed layla started crying like mad and yelping. She calmed down when i picked her up and cuddled her. When we got home i had to go to work so left her with my partner and son. When i got home my partner said layla had been yelping when being picked up, i picked her up myself but she didnt yelp or cry, so i told them off for not picking her up right :redface:

Yet this morning when i picked layla up to put her on the sofa for a cuddle with me she yelp a little, not loads but enough to say something was hurting. I had my thumb slightly across her back so i'm wondering if maybe the injection site is sore? But the vet never mentioned this could be a side effect. Theres no welt, lump or bump. I wondered if it was due to the accident she had in the garden, she ran into the fence. Let out a yelp and cry but calmed down once i picked her up. And there has been no limping, breathing problems, crying, she's eating right, pooping, weeing, running around, is really active chasing the cat etc. All normal up until having the injection last night.

So any ideas please??
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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