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Hello, I have a 6 month old Yorkie-Shih-Tzu-Chihuahua mix; I am a fairly new dog owner and I am having problems with her pulling on the leash when we go everywhere. Even though she is small; she is no teacup; she's got her fair share of strength in that body.

I've tried not rewarding her when we take walks (when she pulls, which is 100% of the time except when she goes potty, I stop and say "No", when there is no leash tension, I praise her).

It's difficult when when she pulls 100% of the time; and when I stop her and say "No" she completely ignores me and proceeds to distract herself immediately by sniffing the ground and putting anything she can in her mouth. So I'm being ignored as I'm trying to train her.

I won't lie, it's getting very frustrating since she absolutely does not get it at all. Bathroom time is hard for her because she has to be go out on a leash to potty; and of course she will PULL and I can't reward her pulling, so it will take her forever to relieve herself :(

Any suggestions, please let me know, and if I'm doing some completely wrong, too don't be afraid to bring it up. Thank you.
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