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I've been wanting a dog FOREVER and just bought a puggle puppy about 2 months ago. She is currently about 3.5 months old.

Shes fine around me, but when I take her on walks she keeps pulling on the leash.
How do I train her to stop pulling?

When she meets new people she likes to nip and bite them (non-aggressively)
How do I train her that's not ok?

When she meets other dogs, she tries to tackle them or bite them. This is when she seems the most aggressive, and I don't like it.
How do I stop this?

Should I get a shock collar and shock her when she is biting other dogs? With people, she has never bit anyone hard enough for them to be worried- but she has torn fur off of many dogs at the dog park and she seems aggressive towards them, not playful. Maybe I'm wrong and she thinks she's playing, but she needs to stop biting.
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