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DO NOT use a shock collar. That's a good way to teach your dog that other dogs really are scary.

There are a number of ways to teach your dog loose leash walking (LLW). The method I used was every time my dog started pulling, I stopped walking. When he released pressure, we continued. Rinse and repeat. That's typically called the "Be a Tree" method.

Another method is rewarding them for being in the correct position. You will want to start in a very boring place, like your living room. Reward the pup for walking nicely with you. When pup breaks position, lure him back to position with a treat. As he get better, you can move out to your yard, and then take it out on the streets.

I would look up videos by Kikopup or Zac George (spelling on his name?) that show you how to do it. Those helped me immensely.

When she starts nipping or biting people, have them stop interacting with her. After a few minutes, they can try again. She will learn that nipping people = people go away.

Nipping and roughhousing are normal dog play behaviors. My dog comes home with slobber marks on his scruff after playing with his friends. They typically aren't biting hard enough to hurt, just play. She may just be a rude puppy, which isn't unusual. Did she grow up with a litter? Sometimes if puppies were taken from their litter too early, they can lack bite inhibition and bite their playmates too hard. How to the other dogs react to her? Do they stop wanting to play with her, or do they continue playing? It's hard to say if its simply play or aggression without seeing it, but few 3.5 month old pups are aggressive.

Also, I would caution you bringing a puppy to a dog park. Not only are they full of disease (I hope you didn't bring her before her vaccinations were finished...) but there are often unknown dogs there with dumb owners who don't know how to spot a brewing fight. The thunderdome type parks are notorious for bad dog-dog interactions, and if your pup had a bad experience at her young age, she may never forget it and be afraid of other dogs for the rest of her life, or you may have to counter condition for years.

Instead, go to controlled puppy playtimes (some obedience clubs have them, pet stores like Petco) where someone who knows what they're doing is watching, or only play with known, friendly dogs.
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