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Try screaming bloody murder, take her by surprise and startle her. You have to do it suddenly and for a quick instant. Really send the message "OMG YOU'RE KILLING ME!" Sometimes a simple "ouch" isn't going to cut it. You could try rubbing your hands in bitter apple spray. Make yourself taste like YUCK, and praise her for backing off. Try giving her some ice cubes, or a sock filled with crushed ice. Her teeth might be bothering her, and human hands are the perfect combination of soft and squish with a firm bone underneath the skin, lol. You can try to teach her biting equals no attention by leashing her and tying her to a chair or door (something that can keep her from reaching you). Start playing with her, but the moment teeth touches skin, you take a step back from her so she cannot reach you. Turn your back and ignore for a little bit. After ignoring her, try playing with her once more, and again, the moment teeth touches skin, you step away and turn your back to her. The leash will help you get away from her so she cannot come after you to continue the game. When she doesn't bite, give lots of play, praise, and treats. This will also work if you have her in a ex-pen or baby gate, just step over the barrier and ignore.

Next time you go to the vet, get her checked for UTIs just in case. When you find out she's alright, then you can start trying to train her. When she has an accident inside the house, use a good cleaner (like Nature's Miracle) to make sure all the scent is taken out. Some dogs like to try to pee multiple times (even if it's just a drop), and the scent of old pee will entice her to do it again. Dogs noses are a lot more sensitive than ours, so they can still smell the pee even if you cannot. If you're not crate training her, start it up. You can try to put her in her crate after a romp outside so she can settle down for a few minutes, and then try letting her out. Maybe you can try to distract her by jumping immediately into play, so she doesn't have time to time to squat, lol.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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