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Hi guys, I have a six month old shih tzu and when I first got him four months ago he learned where to poo AND pee very easily and very fast but when I got dog pads, which are much smaller and less thick (I used to use underpads) it?s like I have to train him all over again and this time it?s harder. I try to praise him as much as I can with treats and stuff when he does potty in the right place but it?s like he forgets all over again and refuses to go near the pads, even if I call him, unless he needs to poo. And I know that pads are ?unnatural? and I should take him outside instead but I live in a three story apartment so I can?t really do that. Whenever I leave my room I make sure we go straight to the pads but then he just sits there confused even if he smells it. Then after a while when we leave that area he decides to pee on the side of the wall or somewhere else. It?s been really difficult for me because I don?t always have the free time to supervise him and I?m considering just taking him to a dog trainer if he really won?t learn. I?ve heard it can take puppies to almost a year to learn how to fully be house trained but I live with strict people that expect a young puppy, that doesn?t know any better, to be perfect and automatically smart. Which is ridiculous. Any tips on how to teach a stubborn pup where to go?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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