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I pee pad trained my havanese he goes outside as well as on the pad
I do have to keep him out of the kitchen and bedroom or he will try to mark the curtains and corners he has done this since about 6 months old
If I can't watch him I put him in his play pen
I contain him with a baby gate to the living room still So he doesn't have full run of the house yet
He hasn't had an accident in months he's now 1 yr old mostly potties outside but if he can't hold it he will pee on the pad rarely does he poo on it though
You have to always be watching until he's 100% potty trained
try to keep him from making mistakes the more mistakes he makes the harder it will be to get him to understand what you want
If you can't watch him he should be contained in a playpen until he goes potty every time where you want him to go
I do not have any carpet but my sister has a rug sprocket will try to go on that I don't think they know the difference between rugs and pads so if your house has rugs or carpet it will be much more difficult to pad train him imo

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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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