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puppy pooping in kennel

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I need help... We have had a now 12 week old dachshund for 3 weeks now. We take her outside constantly to go potty. When not supervised she is either in her kennel or in her play yard taking a nap. If we don't catch her as soon as she wakes up, she urinates in the play yard. At night when we put her in her kennel, she poops. She is often out once during the night at 11 or 1am, and by 630 am she has pooped. She never whines before she goes, she just yelps like crazy after she's done the deed. Often times she smears the poop all over the place and requires a bath and sanitization of the kennel because it's all over the place. Her last meal is at, 4or 5 pm. Her kennel allows only enough room for her to lay down. What else can I do? Of note, she came from a pet store, where she was for3weeks or so, not sure where she was before that.
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