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Hi all,

We just got a lab/poodle mix. He's about 3 months old and really a good puppy for the most part. He's small, but won't stay that way. I want to teach him to heel, or at least loose leash walk. We live in the country, so lots of smells and distractions. Rabbits, skunks, horses etc. I want him to pay attention to me on a walk, not pull me all over the fields. So far, our training is going well. I use treats, walk up and down the driveway and he is getting really good at listening to me even without treats. The problem comes when my husband or son (especially my 8 yo son) takes the leash. He jumps, bites at the leash, runs all over the place. It's not as bad with hubby. (yes I know I need to train them how to handle the pup)

Here are my questions.
If I let hubby or son walk the dog, will it ruin his training? My son get so frustrated when the pup starts jumping. Being consistent is something we all strive for, but I'm the only one who really trains for walks.

Any suggestions on biting? Our pup likes to jump up, grab shirts, and as he lands, rips them. He nips at hands, he is getting where he nips, then runs. I ignore him and refuse to play when he does this, then I go back to playing after he's had a good minute of calm time.

Recall: He does very well with come, unless we head inside. I call him when off leash making sure to pet him, feed him, play with him. Make it a game. Yet, when it comes time to head in, he seems to know and refuses to come inside. Without a fence I can't live him out. There's critters that may eat him. He likes to run under the car so we can't reach him. Not even food can bring him out. He's great off leash, but I can't get him inside and that's a problem. Any suggestions?
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