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Please advise, if I am doing something wrong please let me know.

I have a tiny wee 11 week old Griffon Chihuahua. I've made liytle pen for him down beside my bed so he can get comfortable being by himself and entertaining himself but when he's calmed down after whining for attention he just sleeps. He doesn't seem to be able to entertain himself with the toys I've left for him. Is this something to worry about? Does this indicate an abnormal unhappiness? Sometimes he digs at the little bed and nibbles the litter tray container and I feel like I should let him for now if it's his way of entertaining himself. At least it's not something valuable. Also what's the best way to deal with his whining. So far I've completed ignored him and when he lays down and is quiet I give him a small piece of boiled chicken, click the clicker and say 'good boy, quiet.' Is this good protocol or bad?

Also, he still has until at least around the 20th of April until I am able to properly toilet train him, and by that I mean take him outside to go toilet. This is because he still has two Parvovirus vaccinations to go until it is safe for him to go outside.

In the pen I have water, a bed, toys and a little litter tray with newspaper in it for toilet. There isn't a whole lot of room for him to go toilet anywhere but in the box. I took him out once today and tried to introduce him to my car because we have a vet visit for his second vaccination in two days and I don't want that to be his first memory of the car ride. While we were in the car, after maybe 5 minutes (if that) he wee'd. So it's almost like he doesn't feel comfortable going toilet on the newspaper but is quite happy going everywhere else.

Now, I think because of this insecurity with going to the toilet on the newspaper, his toilet schedule isn't what I've read it should be. He doesn't wee every hour and he doesn't poop after meals. Right now it's 5:02pm and he has only pooped once and wee'd twice since 7am, and he was fed this morning and lunch time.

Is there anything I can put in the litter tray to encourage him to go toilet in it? I'm in NZ so the items available are somewhat limited. I am always open to purchasing online from overseas though.

Thank you in advance for any help or insight you can offer.

~ Auby and Moe

Edit: I had left the same paper that he'd previously wee'd and pooped on so that it encouraged him more but I just changed it to fresh paper and he wee'd straight away. So perhaps that will help.
Another afterthought question.
We have a 5 year old German Shepherd also, he is outside though. The area he is in has a courtyard and then a backyard grassy area. If I were to take little Moe (Griffon Chihuahua) out there to go toilet would Kaiser (German Shepherd) see that as an invasion of his territory and would it make any future introductions worse for them both? Would it even be safe to take Moe out there to go toilet?
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