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Puppy panic

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Working from home for the foreseeable future, so seemed like as good a time as any to get a pup.

I've had her for 10 days and she is a little over 8 weeks old. I set up a play pen area (DIY, with PVC and old bed sheets) that my "office" is in as well. Any time I step out or confine her in any room where she is locked in, she panics and cries and cries and sometimes pees and will try anything to escape. I try to wait for her to stop and lay down and then give a treat, but as soon as I step away it starts up again.

I want to figure out how to both stop her from jumping up on her hind legs to look over the play pen as well as enable to her be calm when separated. Any advice? Link to fairly mild example below.

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Yup. That's puppies. Unless the breeder made an effort to crate train the litter, they're used to constant contact with their mom and littermates, if not people, and being totally alone is alien to them. And scary.

How do your pups respond if you give them a stuffed food toy in their pen? A Kong or Toppl or something of the like, preferably frozen so it takes a long time to get the filling out. These require a dog or pup to lie down (good!) and chew (which releases endorphins and causes a naturally calming effect). It has the bonus of teaching a puppy that its toys are more fun to chew than your furniture.

For a very stressed pup that won't chew if you leave, you may have to take things more slowly. Confine them right next to you in a crate or pen with the stuffed toy. Then in the same room as you, but further away. Then in the next room, with the door open so the pup can still see you, etc. But many puppies will take to chewing the kong where they are without this.

PS, good on both of you for teaching your puppies to be alone during this time! They'll be better equipped to handle it when you do go back to work out of the home.
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