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Puppy out of control

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I just got a puppy a few days ago, and as each day passes, his behaviour is getting worst. I read and saw a lot of videos on youtube on training and raising it. Exercising him, but the thing is, he doesnt want to play with me much. After a few minutes of exercising he loses interest. Even after changing toys. This just keeps going on.

Treat also doesnt work much on him too. I constantly trains him day and night. And the dilemma of saying exercising him helps with training. But he isn't exercising much. I taught him sit, once he get the treat, he ignores me after that. And I have to use the treat to get his attention again. After a few times he just ignores me again. I dont think I train him for very long, around 5 minutes before he start ignoring me

He also has a lot of bad behaviour like biting my bed, pee pad, his bed. He even started to hump a toy. Which I push him aside immediately. He also likes to bite my face when I get down close to him. The internet says all this can be curb using treats, commands or toys to distract it. But he is ignoring toys and commands.

I've also made a mistake when introducing the collar. Now he just jumps away when the collar touches his neck. And he keeps chewing the collar, when I use treats and command to distract him, it isn't working too.

I also need to start grooming him soon, but I dont have enough time to desensitize him to the equipments or cleaning. I wanted to used wet wipe to clean his eyes from tears and stuff. I used treats and tried to desensitize him to the wet wipe. But he keeps biting the wet wipe or worming out of the wet wipe.

I have work and I hand him over to my friend to take care of. He has a dog too, so they play together a lot. Might this be the problem? He is having more fun with the other dog that he ignores me?

I am at lost on how to train him or where to start.
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I totally agree with all of the responses! You have a completely normal 9 week old puppy!

1. Puppies get the "puppy crazies" multiple times a day. The best thing to do is to embrace it by running around with your pup, laughing, clapping, and being silly too. This will not only help wear him out sooner, but it'll help you two bond!

2. As much as you may want to have the puppy on your bed, he shouldn't be-- especially until he's housebroken. Plus, your bed is YOUR space! (See #3)

3. Most importantly: claim your space. Pretty please! It sounds like right now he is in charge of your house, so of course he's not going to listen to you and he'll act like a little hooligan. The biggest reason your friend isn't having issues isn't because of the other dog, per se, but because she is the leader of her pack. Your pup knows that when he goes to visit, so he follows her lead and behaves. You need to reclaim your home and let him know your the head of your pack, and he'll be happy to follow! :)

This is something you can do with gentle, but firm, action. You wouldn't let a human child come into your home, running around, rummaging through your things, jumping on your bed, going into your kitchen, tearing your home apart and making a mess, right? You'd put your foot down and stop it-- not by yelling and screaming, but explaining expectations and setting boundaries! Your pup needs the same thing, just in a puppy way of understanding.

A good start might be to go and quietly observe your pup in your friend's home, as well as how your friend corrects him. Additionally, pay attention to your friend's "energy" around her dog.

Don't worry, your puppy is normal, and you're going through normal growing pains of every first time puppy parent! Heck, I have a 9 week old Cane Corso (nowhere NEAR my first pup!), and I still get frustrated at times, because you still have top factor in the individual personality of the pup (which is why observing him at your friend's home will help a lot!).

Don't worry, he'll outgrow the "crazies"! But the sooner you know in your heart that you can do this, and become the parent and leader he needs and wants, the happier and healthier you both will be! :giggle::giggle:
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