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puppy on the Oval

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I was just walking back from class through the big grassy area in the middle of campus known as the Oval. I saw a girl playing with a tiny little puppy and I asked her if I could pet the pup. She said yes and I bent down to play. The puppy immediately started nipping and being very mouthy (the owner corrected the puppy).

I asked how old she was and the girl told me she was 5 weeks old. 5 weeks. She was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Very cute. But she was 5 weeks old! The oval is a very public spot and a very popular place for college kids with dogs. I felt so bad for the puppy and I was very tempted to tell the girl that if the puppy was with his littermates for even another week or two she would probably be a much better behaved dog (ie. bite inhibition...). And that until this puppy had some shots she should not be out and about where strange dogs frequent. Instead, I just said how cute she was and walked away.

I kind of feel bad. Maybe I should have tried to educate her. Maybe she just doesn't know. I guess all I can really do is hope that nothing awful happens to the pup and that she grows into a well adjusted, wonderful member of this girl's family... *sigh*
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