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I agree a bit of tough love is in order. Dog goes in crate and does not get out unless she is quiet PERIOD, ever day or night. Whining and yipping, barking, carrying on gets her ignored, she has to be quiet in there to get any attention from you. Have small treats that you can give her without letting her out, sometimes treat for quiet, sometimes let her out for quiet. Gradually increase the am mount of time she has to be quiet to get attention or a treat form a few seconds to hours by the time she's five to six months old.

I start that with mine at six weeks of age, by 12 weeks, I might get a minute or two of complaints over crating them, but then they hush until I come to them - even if that's 3-4 hours later. The rule is one hour per month of age, that's all a dog can hold it and not need to potty and, don't crate for 30 minutes after feeding or after the puppy drinks water, let them potty first.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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