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Sometimes you have to give them a little tough love. Some people will put the crate right beside their bed, perhaps up on a chair, so the pup can see/hear you. They will probably cry a bit, but you must ignore it. Some will stick a hand in there, too. Then, slowly move the crate away from your bed and to the place you want the crate to be. Make sure to set an alarm to wake up with the pup during the night for a potty break. My dog slept in a crate for the first year or so of his life, but once he could be trusted at night, he now sleeps in a regular bed where his crate used to be.

Some use a hot water bottle wrapped in a blanket, or this thing that resembles a puppy and is warm and has a "beating heart" to resemble a littermate. Puppy pal? I forget the name, but those types of things can help ease them into the new situation. After a while, they will not need those aides and will sleep through the night unassisted.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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