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I have a 6 month old male Alaskan malamute puppy. When I’m alone at home with him he drives me a little wild, if my boyfriend is here he totally behaves, sleeps on the floor in the evening. If I’m alone by the evening he starts to jump up a lot, bite my feet if they are slightly hanging off the sofa etc hes just at me, or whining or barking but if my boyfriend is here it’s none of that... WHY?! 😂 I don’t get it at all because my boyfriend isn’t the leader of the pack if you say it that way, I feed the puppy, I train him, he listens to me when it comes to commands etc but it’s like he’s more at ease when we are both here, maybe out of 7 nights of the week by boyfriend is here 3 or 4. Puppy is crate trained, I always make sure all his needs are met before I sit down. If I’m cooking in the kitchen he’s happy it’s just specifically if I sit down on my own he has a problem. I use kongs and puzzle toys but I can’t use them all of the time and if my boyfriend is here puppy is just happy sleeping around but if I’m alone it’s like a marathon to make it to bed time. Anyone been through something like this?
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