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puppy not drinking

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Hi there I have a 9 week old weimaraner who has all of a sudden just stopped drinking water. She has not drank any for 2 days and shows no interest in drinking at all. I have added some water to her meals just to get her some fluids. Anyone had any similar problems? She is eating and playing as normal.
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Nothing happened to make her afraid of her water dish? Did you try a different dish or location? Have you talked to a vet? I think you're doing the right thing by adding water to her food, but try giving her ice and moving her drinking location and try a different bowl and see if that helps.
How long have you had her?

Water tastes different everywhere you go. If you just brought the puppy home it might be the change in the taste that's thrown her off.

You could try adding a tiny bit of sugar to her water and see if that entices her. Flavored pedialyte is another good thing to add.. just a tiny bit though - just enough to change the taste.

If you've had the puppy for a while and this happening, I would suggest getting her checked out by the vet.

Actually, a call or trip to the vet in either case is a good idea.
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