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Hi All,
My name is Sunshine(my real name). I am 26. Just recently got a new puppy about 2 months ago. Cant say he was much of an accident but here is out story....

I ended up having to get rid of one of my best friends. I am still so hurt over it :( She was showing signs of aggresion towards my son so I had no choice but to get rid of her.

After a week of my son crying for his doggy & me crying every day over her we went to a pet store. Well they had a rescue there with a bunch of dogs. I always wanted a white dog with a pink nose. Well, my son is screaming for all these puppies so I knew right then it was time.

He is originally from a shelter. So I felt I was doing something right. Although I felt I was doing everything wrong when I had to get rid of my Baby Girl. But I had to for the safety of my son. Is that right? Now when I go through pics and wonder what could of changed and what could of been different. I sure do miss her & I am even crying typing this :(

Welcome to our family Gunner-Bolt-Puppy. My son is completely happy now. They are inseparable. My old dog was 5 years old got her when she was a baby & was MY dog & I think she had a hard time adjusting to having a human baby around :( Gunner the shelter says is a Lab Mix. So far has been an amazing companion for my son. My son is 2 years old & Gunner is 4 Months old.

This is them playing:

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