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Puppy Nawing Foot, Whats Wrong

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I dont know what is wrong recently my puppy has started chewing at her foot I didnt think anything of it first but Its starting to worry me as there seems to be some blood on her leg. I have looked at it but cant seem to find anything wrong.
She hasnt got fleas so im wondering what is wrong. its her front paw
Should I Be Worried ?
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If it's just one foot, then it sounds like she's got something in there. A sticker, a tiny piece of grass seed or even a small piece of glass. Inspect her foot thoroughly. Top and bottom, in between the toes, up close and personal (use a magnifying glass).

If it's more than one foot, then it's likely allergies.

Wash her foot in mild dog shampoo. If it continues through the morning, then I'd call the vet.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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