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Puppy just vomited 4 times... Need advice!

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Firstly, we're taking her to the vet first thing in the morning. We were going to schedule her on Tuesday because we've found a couple of (what I assume to be) hot spots on her sides, but tonight she's pooped in the basement twice (she has NEVER done that, and it's pretty goopy) and she's thrown up 4 times in the last hour or so.

She's an 8 1/2 month old Border Collie/Basenji mix. Over the last couple of weeks, I started noticing small spots on her side (two of them) where the fur had thinned, and the skin was slightly red. One had a scab. Obviously she's scratching a lot; at the direction of my vet, I've been putting triple antibiotic ointment on them. The first two cleared, up, so I figured a vet visit wasn't needed. We had suspected she had fleas, but we gave her a flea bath. She had already been treated for fleas, so we were wondering how she got them in the first place.)

Over the last week or so, however, new spots appeared, on her other side. Tonight, one of them has gotten slightly hard under the skin, which alarmed us, so we made an appointment. And then she vomited four times. We're kind of panicking at the moment, not gonna lie.

I might add that tonight, for dinner, for the first time ever we gave her canned Mackerel & Pumpkin with her kibble, (Fromm) we we're assuming this is the reason for her suddenly puking. (Although it still doesn't explain the hotspots.)

I'm going out of my mind here, I can't wait to for morning to come, I'm too anxious. Does anyone have any insight?
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Can you post a picture of the hot spots? Is there any excessive itching or licking that could cause it?

Is she otherwise alright? I ask because if she's throwing up you do not want her to get dehydrated. Is she peeing? And which fromm are you feeding?

Sorry for all the questions!
It's quite all right! I'll answer them in order.
1) Yes, she's been itching like crazy. That's what made us think she had fleas. But after several treatments, the itching is still happening, and she's making them worse, of course.
2) Otherwise she's fine. Just now I was putting my pens away, and since I keep the coconut oil right next to my pens, she got all excited because she thought it was coconut oil time. lol~
3) The puking just happened about an hour ago, she shouldn't be dehydrated *yet*. Tonight is the first time she's ever thrown up with us, so prior to this evening she was very hydrated.
4) Yes, she's peeing. She peed about an hour before she started vomiting.
5) It was a can of Fromm Mackerel & Pumpkin, I only put a spoonful of it in her normal kibble. She's been eating Acana (Grasslands) since we got her and has never had a problem with it, so that led us to assume that it was the canned food that made her tummy upset.
It could have been the can - I'm not sure that its fleas. Could it be an indoor/outdoor allergy?

Grasslands is grain free, correct? I like Acana. We fed Wild Prairie for a while.

Put some Apple Cider Vinegar on the hot spots - it will dry them out and prevent infection. It's natural antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral. When you get the chance, post pictures of the spots.

Have you actually found a flea?
Not sure if it's indoor/outdoor, we'll hopefully find out later from the vet.

Yes, Grasslands is grain free. I love Acana too! :3

A few weeks ago we did find a flea, one jumped on me when I was on the couch, and my cat suddenly had scabs around her neck. I treated them both for fleas, sprayed the house down with flea killer, but Ayana just continued to scratch. I'll post pictures of her spots tomorrow, (err, later today I guess,) if the vet doesn't know what's going on. But I hope she will D:
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