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puppy jumping and joints

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We have a 9 1/2-month-old standard poodle. In the past few weeks, she has started jumping on and off our bed. Jumping up doesn't seem as though it is a problem, but I worry about jumping down - the bed is about 2 1/2 ft high and she lands (and slides across) a hardwood floor.

I try to prevent her from jumping, but am not always fast enough. Will jumping off the bed a few times a day (~2-3) cause damage? If so, we'll increase our vigilance and not allow her to jump down at all.

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I have an almost 4 month old Toy Fox Terrier who jumps down from the bed, the couch, the table with no ill effects. Considering that standrad poodles are big dogs and it is already 9 months old I can't see where jumping off a bed would be an issue.
Thanks. I do worry because she's still growing and I know that too much stress on young bones and joints isn't good.
The sliding or slipping across the floor could be more of a problem than the jumping. Cruciate ligaments can get damaged and an ACL surgery could be on your dog's list. Lots of dogs jump up and down off their master's bed daily and never seem to get hurt. BUT there is always that one time and that one dog......... I lowered the height of my bed so it would not be an issue.
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